Marketing Communications for Business and Nonprofits

Websites. Email. Social media. Direct mail. Out-of-home advertising. People are bombarded by messages every day, 24/7. It’s survival of the fittest. Simple, targeted messages make an impact. The rest just fade away.

To connect with customers, donors and volunteers, you need simple yet powerful marketing tools. Turn to Joan B. Marcus Communications. With more than 35 years of experience, we specialize in building your brand through the power of words. We serve clients in Lehigh Valley, PA as well as across Pennsylvania, New Jersey and beyond. 

Services include:

Marketing strategy

Achieve your goals with a focused marketing strategy that works. Marketing Message • Mission Statement • Marketing Communications Plan • Marketing Communications Audit


Make an impact and connect with customers through clear, concise content. Websites • Newsletters • Blogs • Social Media • Whitepapers • Brochures • Annual Reports • Content Plan 


Secure funding for a new initiative or or operating support through succinct and convincing grant proposals and solicitations. Case Statements • Funding Research • Proposal Writing • Grant Reports • Solicitation Materials

Contact Joan B. Marcus Communications today to build your brand through the power of words. 

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