Words have power.
We put them to work for you.

Words have power. Carefully crafted content has the power to sell your product, launch your business or secure funding for a worthy cause. At Joan B. Marcus Communications, we believe in the power of effective marketing communication. That’s why we help businesses and nonprofit organizations build their brand through the power of words. How?

  • We start by developing a strong marketing message. We dig deep so we understand where you want to drive your business or nonprofit organization and how a memorable marketing message can get you there. 
  • We plan your marketing communications so you get the most from every dollar invested.
  • We develop powerful content that builds your brand because your marketing message is an integral part of it. Turn to Joan B. Marcus Communications for powerful website content that drives traffic to your site, email marketing campaigns that create a following and social media content that promotes your business or cause.  
  • We deliver winning grant proposals. We combine our writing skills and marketing know-how to deliver grant proposals that skillfully showcase your initiatives and present your ideas clearly, succinctly and convincingly.

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